Who is the NEG?

Närrische Europäische Gemeinschaft is the biggest and most important NGO (non-governmental organization) in Europe that faces and care for carnivalistic traditions. The NEG is set together from all associations that are themed by carnival, its representation, care for traditions and support in all Europe.

Current are 11 carnivalistic associations from 8 European countries with about 8 billion members enclosed:

Belgien:                   Arbeitsgemeinschaft Karneval Eupen-Kettenis
                                 Limburgse Vereniging Karnavalsevenementen (LIVEKE)
                                  Samenwirkende Limburgse Vastelaovereniginge (SLV)

Deutschland:           Bund Deutscher Karneval (BDK)

Frankreich:              Fédération des Carnavals et Festivités (F.C.F)

Niederlande:           Bond van Carnavalsverenigingen in Limburg (BCL)

                                 Samewirkende Limburgse Vastelaovesvereniginge (SLV)

Österreich:               Bund Österreichischer Faschingsgilden (BÖF)

Schweiz:                  HEFARI - Fasnachtsverband Schweiz

Inside the NEG a Youth-organization is enclosed that`s called the NEG-Youth (NEG-Jugend). It is autonomously, under attending it`s youth-order and the statutes of NEG, responsible for youth-work in European carnival. And it has it`s part and voice in NEG committee.

The NEG accept the different titles and regional names as for example Fasching, Fastnacht, Carnival, Vastelaoven and treat them equal.

The NEG mind the sovereignty of its enclosed associations.

The organization is structuated by an unsalaried committee with president, vice-president, writer, media-commissioner and NEG-youth-representative.

The representatives of the organized member-associations are meeting once a year a meeting, that every time is located in another member-country.

The Närrische Europäische Gemeinschaft is an Assoziation with German Laws, located in Cologne.